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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Social Network(review)

David Fincher is at it again my friends. He continues to surprise and broaden his resume as one of the best directors in cinema today. His portfolio now contains Seven, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Social Network. He continues to broaden his horizons and this movie is easily in his top three films. Jesse Eisenberg has busted out of the Michael Cera sound alike category. Eisenberg brings a brilliant and intentionally uneven, yet calculated interpretation of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. He has a knack for making even his nervous nature seem calculating and cold at points and vulnerable at others. The movie itself moves along at a pace that flows faster than you news feed on Facebook. It takes us through the major steps of the 50 billion dollar company and it's growing pains. At the same time it takes us through a simultaneous journey with Zuckerberg with his own growing pains and self revelations. It was a pleasant surprise for this movie goer and highly recommended. On a 4 star scale, The Social Network comes in at      3 1/2 out of 4.

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