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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Better than the Hangover II

Just when you thought things were great life demanded a sequel. It happens all the time. Just take a look around you and you see it. Your first love was grand, epic, and breath-taking. It never did last though did it? Then life gave you the sequel, or likely several sequels. Each had their own particular talents. Some even relied less on the story and more heavy on  the action. Eventually you decided you liked one of those sequels the best and you found the right mix of content that worked best for you. Same thing for your car, your job, your house, and hundreds of other countless things you once loved. You eventually moved past the original and ultimately did what was best for you. Now lets not forget that some of us just held onto the first love and never evolved. Those of us that chose this path are just stuck in a rut hoping to recapture that magic. The problem is that we don't realize the magic can only be recaptured by looking for a new experience and not a duplicate of one. The point is that we have to except sequels for what they are. They are junk food for the brain, or a copy of a copy. Once you realize this you can enjoyed that watered down, sugary goodness. Then life as we know it could be just as good as that new sequel to "The Hangover" that we are all ready to see.

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